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Columbia, Missouri’s own Swing’n Axes, seven hipsters who have been swingin’ since the cradle, are keeping foxtrotters and lindy-hoppers on the dance floor with their special brand of 40’s inspired swing.  The Axes pump out an authentic old-time sound that’ll make you wonder if you’re listening to grandpa’s old records.  But make no mistake, these young swingsters are also playing cool new tunes that they compose and arrange.  The Axes first started in early 1998 and caught the attention of local jitterbuggers with their unique styling of classic 30's and 40' dance tunes.  Soon the band began playing their own tunes, and the Swing’n Axes took off like a ‘44 Cadillac after a mob hit.  Ever since, cats and kittens have been swinging to the Axes in many of Columbia’s hip spots, like Mojo’s and The Blue Note, and even Kansas City’s Grand Emporium.  Now that you’ve got your paws on this album, you’ll be jumpin’ and jivin’ in your own living room.  The Axes lay down a beat that you can’t resist, so be prepared to Swing It Hot and Swing It Hard with these wailin’ cats.



 Director/trombonist Rob “Beef Daddy” Boullion is the leading swingster who, with his lady, Mamma Red, started it all.  His big beefy trombone sound earned him his name.  This guy can do everything!  He writes, arranges, records the band, mixes and edits, builds the music stands, and drives all the equipment to gigs, just to name a few!  The Axes’ tenor saxophonist/vocalist is Nancy “Mamma Red” Dietz.  Her luscious tenor sound and sweet voice are the cat’s meow.  Mamma Red also wrote some tunes on this album that’ll make you purr.  Put that together with a Ph.D. and long red hair, and no wonder Beef Daddy grabbed her for himself! Alto sax/clarinet sensation Yves “The Man” Tan swings with his hard bebop style.  Check out his Charlie Parker-esque licks on his screaming solos.  One of the first members of the group, this hipster helped to develop the Axes into the swinging band it is now.  Guitarist Jon “Books” Hockenbury was picked up on a gig when he jammed with the Axes and blew them away with his bluesy riffs.  Books got his name from his encyclopedic knowledge of early jazz.  This cat knows everything about who played with whom, when and where! Paul “The Verge” Altomari lays down the lines on bass.  Multi-talented and an all-around swell joe, Verge can play just about any kind of jazz or classical ditty on his axe.   Mike "Tang-a-Lang" Petchenik is the latest addition to the Axes.  Tang drives the band with jungle beat rhythms that'll make you want to get down and do the dirty, and his style of swampy, funky swing is all the rage. Tang can definitely swing behind the kit, but don't try to get him on the dance floor.