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Listed are more in depth descriptions of the services offered by LinderVox Sound.


We can create a Compact Disc package for you, with a wide variety of package formats available. Options range from a single CD Master to a product you could sell at your local record store.  We start with your mastered audio and create a disc image of your master with LinderVox Production and Catalogue numbers as well as UPC and ISRC track codes.  We then apply the art work your have chosen and duplicate your master.  Please see our Products and Services page for a complete listing of packages.  


We review your recording and can make edits to the mix/master as requested. We then review (and repeat if needed) the final master with you.  


We can assemble artwork from text and images you provide or work with you to create it.  If needed, we can also create artwork for you based upon your track and album titles and overall theme of your project.  We then design the layout of the Art and text for production. Like with our Audio Mastering service we provide an art proof, in person or via .pdf files. We review the art with you and repeat as needed until we have a final product. 


Completed as required for any product put through Production. 


Payment due within 30 days of invoice date for services rendered.

A late fee of 10% of invoice will be applied per month for late payments, with the exception of prearranged payment plans.  Payment plans need to be arranged prior to the beginning of work. 

In the event a piece of studio gear owned by LinderVox Sound becomes damaged by you, or anyone in your party, due to negligence, accident, or willful act, you agree to provide monetary compensation in the amount of full replacement value of the damaged item. Damage to the studio property of any kind that are a result of anyone in client's party or group will be assessed to client's account.