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-Matched Pair Pencil Condensers, Cardioid and Omni Capsules.  Includes  custom Michael Joly Oktavamod Cardioid Capsule. (3 pair)

Rode NT5-C/O   

-Large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser. Patterns  include omni, cardioid, and figure-8.  (2) 

- Matched pair Pencil Condensers, with Cardioid, Omni and SuperCardioid capsules.  Includes custom Michael Joly Oktavamod electronics upgrade modification.  (1 pair)

Oktava MK-012-01 MSP2 Factory Matched Stereo Pair with Cardioid capsules. 

Rode NT2A           

Oktava MK012

Oktava MK012

-Large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser with custom Michael Joly capsules and electronics upgrade.  Patterns include omni, cardioid, and figure-8. (2) 

-Large diaphragm cardioid condenser with custom Michael Joly Oktavamod modifications. (2) 

Rode NT2A (Modified)  

Rode NT1A (Modified)

-Medium diaphragm Cardioid Condenser.  (2)

Shure KSM32       

-Large diaphragm Cardioid Condenser.  (2)

AKG 214                

-Large diaphragm Cardioid Condenser.  (4)

AKG 3000               

-End address small diaphragm Cardioid Condenser. (2)

AKG 1000 (Modified)

-Large diaphragm Cardioid Condenser.  (2)

-Medium diaphragm Cardioid Condenser.  (2)

sE 2200a II-C                     

AT 2020  

 - End address small diaphragm Cardioid Condenser. (2)

Groove Tubes GT30 

 -End address small diaphragm Cardioid Condenser clip on mics. (3)  



-Figure-8 ribbon microphone. Includes Lundahl electronics upgrade. (2)

Fat head II-L                    


Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphone. Useful for kick drum, bass, and voice broadcast. (1)

EV RE320                           

EV N/D468                 -Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone with SuperCardioid pickup. (

-Dynamic Microphone with Cardioid Pickup Pattern. (6)

Shure SM-57                     

-Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Cardioid Pickup Pattern.  (4)  

Shure SM-58                     

-Vintage-style Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Supercardioid Polar Pattern, Chrome-plated Enclosure, and Built-in Swivel Mount.  (1)

Shure SM-55 mkII         

 -Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Cardioid Pickup Pattern.  (1)


-Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphone. Useful on kick drum, toms, bass.  (3)


-Dynamic Microphone with a Supercardioid Pickup Pattern. (1)

Heil PR-20

-Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphone.  Suitable for voice, broadcast, instruments and amps. (1)

-Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphone. Suitable for voice, broadcast, instruments, and amps (shortened body version of the PR-30) . (2)

Heil PR-30


Heil PR-31BW


Heil PR-40                  -Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphone. Useful for kick drum, bass, and voice broadcast. (1) 

-Dynamic Microphone with a Supercardioid Pickup Pattern.  (2)

Samson Q7


      - 16 Onyx XLR /TRS inputs, 6 Aux, 2 Subs + Main; multiple routing options for recording and live sound purposes. (2)

      - 4 XLR inputs, 4 stereo TRS inputs.  2 Aux, 1 Alternate, CR and Main Outs (1)

Mackie 1640i Onyx

Mackie 1202 VLZ  

Mackie 1202 VLZ4           -4 Onyx XLR inputs, 4 stereo TRS inputs. 2 Aux, 1 Alternate, CR and Main Outs(1)

Mackie 1620 Onyx          8 Onyx XLR inputs, 4  stereo channel (L-R 1/4")  inputs, multiple outs (1)


True Precision 8                     - 8 Channel combo inputs, high gain preamps (2)

Audient 880 ASP                    - 8 Channel combo inputs, high gain preamps (2)

Mackie Onyx 400                    -  XLR inputs + 4 TRS inputs (1)

Groove Tubes The Brick    - 1 XLR input or 1 TRS input (1)


M-Box 3 Pro                                      4-channel XLR inputs,  2 TRS inputs, 1 spdif input (1)
MOTU Traveler                              8-channel XLR/TRS inputs (1)
PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL   8-channel XLR/TRS inputs (1)
Mackie 1640i Onyx                      16-channel XLR/TRS inputs (2)
MOTU 8-pre                                      8-channel XLR/TRS inputs (1)
Antelope Orion 32                         32-channel in/out A/D-D/A MADI interface (2)

RME HDSPe MADI FX             194 input/196 output PCIe MADI interface with FX

Audient ID14                                   2-Channel XLR/TRS inputs with ADAT input


ADK PC                                           LVX-32 Location/Studio PC- i7 w/RME HDSP MADI FX PCI
ADK PC                                           LVX1 Mix/Master PC - i7
ADK PC                                           Location PC i5
MacBook Pro OSX 10.10.2      mid-2010 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
iMac OSX 10.10.2                        mid-2011 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
iMac 2005                                       ( Retiring )


Sonar Platinum    (Win)
Sonar X3                   (Win)
ProTools 12            (OSX/Win)
Logic Pro X             (OSX)
Garage Band          (OSX)
Audio Desk             (OSX)

Handheld Digital Recorders

Zoom H4                       4-channel recorder (2 mic-line inputs, 2 onboard capsules) (1)
Zoom H2                       2-channel recorder (stereo line in, 2 channel/4 mic capsules) (1)
Zoom H6                         6-channel recorder (4 or 6 combo inputs, X-Y mic capsules, with Mid-Side capsule option) (2)